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Roller Blinds

Sinethma Roller Blinds are made of Polyester and PVC, which is widely used in blocking out the harmful elements of strong shining sunlight and ultraviolet ray, and performs perfect in the sun-shading field. It is a versatile solution for all who want to enjoy the outdoors without risking too much sun and heat exposure. The innovative, breathable fabric will allow heat to escape while cooling the area, reducing temperatures up to 15 degrees. 

- Made from 70% PVC & 30% Polyester fabric with a plain finish.
- Have a slotted with aluminium centre tube.
- Have a several sizes sidewinder mechanisms.
- Have a sidewinder which can be top-faced or side-fitted.
- Available in variety of colours.
- Fit for any window type.
- Maximum Durability.
- Easy to Maintain.
- Provides a modern look for your interior space.
MIN WIDTH - 30cm
MAX WIDTH - 235cm
MAX DROP - 400cm
- Made from 100% Polyester fabric with a plain finish.
- Sun block 100%.
- Blackout coated with acrylic compunds.
- Provide 100% Blackout.
MIN WIDTH - 30cm
MAX WIDTH - 235cm
MAX DROP - 400cm

Can be controlled using Remote

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